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Please download TeamApp on your mobile device and search for Sandbach Sharks for the latest gala and calendar events. Also see the noticeboard at the Boys school pool for other club information

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Open galas are held around the country by swimming clubs. They have different levels of entry depending on the times required for swimming. Some have no time requirements (level 3), some have strict entry times (level 2 and level 1)


In the gala calendar 'invitation' usually means the galas are Association or County level and swimmers are invited to swim as part of the Association or County team, and are usually notified by letter

National Arena Swimming League

This is a National competition and has much stiffer competition. It is held in the autumn term. We swim against all other clubs in the North West and the winner from each region goes forward to a National Final. In our region there are three Divisions.


Sandbach Leisure Centre
Sandbach School
Macclesfield Leisure Centre
Stockport Swimming pool
Sheffield - Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
Birkenhead - Europa Pool

Gala Dates

Gala information

The Gala Manager for open galas is Tricia Strong. Email:

Please check the closing dates and get your entries in for the open galas in plenty of time to our Gala Manager

Club galas- please make a note in your diaries now so that you know you are available for the team selection

If you have any questions about what and how you should enter, please consult your coach or a club official.

Completed forms should be returned to Tricia Strong by the club's closing date. The form entry should be accompanied by a cheque payable to Sandbach Sharks ASC for the relevant cost of entry plus an admin fee (towards coaches passes) of £2.00 per swimmer per gala.

  1. We will not accept emailed entries from swimmers. The forms must be placed in the Sandbach Sharks mailbox which is on poolside at the Boys School during training sessions.
  2. Any forms received after the clubs closing date will not be processed, however the swimmer may still be able to enter themselves via a paper entry sent directly by themselves to the Gala secretary providing the gala closing date has not been reached.
  3. Keep a copy of your form or record of your entry so that you know what events you have entered.
  4. All forms must be filled out correctly with full payment and put in the Shark's post box for collection.
  5. Forms not filled out with the correct times and information will be returned to the swimmer.

Open Galas (Licensed meets)

Kit list for gala

Consideration times

North West Regional information (takes you to swim North West site)

From the ASA website:" As in 2015, up to the top 24 ranked swimmers in each age grouping will be invited to the British Summer Championships which will take place 26 31 July in Sheffield. English swimmers who qualify within the next 20 places in the rankings, in each age grouping, will then be invited to the ASA National Summer Championships."


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