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Mini meet results 2017

Club Championship Results November 2015

Club Records February 2015

Trophy Awards 2014

Audrey Waddilove Trophy - swordfish squad - most improved girl: Abby Taylor
Hesketh Trophy - Swordfish Squad - most improved boy: Jack Blair
Roy Joines Trophy - Tiger Shark and Juniors - most dedicated boy: Jake Webb
Bottomley Trophy - Tiger Shark and Juniors - most dedicated girl: Cate Taylor
Foskett Trophy Females - Seniors - "No pain no gain": Eva Pickup
Foskett Trophy Males - Seniors - : Tom Bloor
Henderson Trophy - Outstanding commitment to the club John and Heather Bottomley

Age Group Awards 2014

  • 7/under - Louis Southwood, Emily Shenton
  • 8 Yrs - Alfie Jerman, Amber King
  • 9 yrs - Charlie Briscall, Daisy Wilson
  • 10 yrs - None, None
  • 11 yrs - Aaron Briscall, None
  • 12 yrs - Oliver Lord, Charlotte Keeble
  • 13 yrs - Josh Wilson, Cate Taylor
  • 14 yrs - None, Beth Wilmott
  • 15 yrs - Mark Peart, Eva Pickup
  • 16 yrs - Oliver Shenton, None
  • 17/over - Tom Bloor, Sarah Peart

Winsford development meet July 2014

Winsford results 2014 (PDF 97 kb)

Club Championship results June 2014

Club Records July 2014

Club Records October 2013

Club Records February 2014

Non National Qualifier meet 2013

Held at Manchester Aquatics 13th July 2013

Non National Qualifier results (PDF 143kb)

Stockport mini meet results 2013

Stockport mini meet results

Club Championships 2013

Held 29th June to 6th July 2013 held at Sandbach Leisure Centre.

Club champ result 2013 (PDF 86kb)

Mini champs 26th June to 3rd July 2013

Held at Sandbach Leisure centre

Mini champ result 2013 (PDF 61kb)

Club Records July 2013

Club Records May 2013

Wrexham Spring Meet 2013

Five swimmers competed on May 4th, 5th 2013:Wrexham spring meet results

North West Regionals 2013

The club was represented by three swimmers at the North west Regionals, Dan Stone, Tom Bloor and Ben Willmott. The Boys all gained PB's and Dan swam in three finals.

North West Regional results

Club Records April 2013

Records have been updated since the county championships

Club Records January 2013

Robin Hood gala, Sheffield 2012

Home Gala Results

Round Team Sam Team Dan Team Ben Team Alex
1: 2/11/12 172 155 179 135
2: 7/12/12 132 113 89 113
3: 1/02/13 118 115 124 86

Satellite Splash and Dash 2012

Club Records October 2012

Biddulph Open July 2012

Scottish Nationals 2012

Bravo Sam, Ben and Dan

Wrexham Spring Meet 2012

Club Championships 2012

Cheshire County Championships

Club Records

Thanks to Tanya we now have a full set of Club records (August 2012):

Cheetham Lambert

Cheetham Lambert results held on 25th February at Macclesfield Leisure Centre

North Midlands Champs 2012

For full results: North Mids Results (opens on N mids site)

Peak and Plain gala results 2012

Stockport Mini Meets Grand Prix 2012

Stockport Prep Mini Meet

Winsford Summer Development meet 2nd July 2011

Winsford Results

Wolverhampton Level 3 Sprint Meet 10th July 2011

Wolverhampton Results

Club Results June 2011

    The Club is currently migrating data from one database to another so the full club records are not available as yet.

    At the moment we can publish best times for swimmers since December 2010.( More records to follow soon )

  • Personal Best Times December 2010 - June 2011

Club Championship June 2011

Well done everybody for a great club champs. Many thanks to the swimmers and the helpers for all the hard work. Here are the results:

Stockport Mini Meets 2011

Peak and Plain Galas 2011

Open Galas

Cheshire Champs 2011


Arena Gala (National Swimming League)

Winsford Autumn Meet

Results 30th October 2010

Rotherham Metro Gala

Results 18th September 2010

Club swimmer rankings 5th October 2010

According to age on day

Club Champs 2010

All reports for the club champs:

Club Records July 2010

Peak and Plain 2010

Overall results

Sandbach gala

Results for Sandbach at each peak and plain gala are as follows:

Biddulph 2010

Results for Sandbach at Biddulph open gala are as follows:

Cannock open gala

14th February 2010

Cheshire champs 2010

1st session 2010  2nd session 2010  3rd session 2010  4th session 2010

Cheetham Lambert 2010


Stockport open galas

10th June 2010  10th May 2010  10th April 2010  27th February 2010  23rd January 2010

Mini meet

The first of the mini meet events was held on 14th February.Anybody can enter for the rest of the mini meets that are to be held on: 11.4.2010, 2.5.2010, 6.6.2010

An explanation of the conditions for the minimeet are expained here: conditions

To take part please fill in the entry form: entry form

Results of the mini meet:11th July 2010 final  4th July 2010 final   6th June 2010  2nd May 2010 10th April 2010 14th February 2010  times only

Club swimmer rankings 4th February 2010

According to age on day


Cheshire 5th level 3 gala

times   narrative  

North Midlands gala January 2010


Deva Gala

DEVA mmu   DEVA Chirk   DEVA Oswestry

Time Trials

18th October results  

National Swimming League results

12th December 2009 Kendal results

14th October 2009 stretford results

3rd October 2009 National Swimming League event results Liverpool event results

3rd October 2009 National Swimming League relay results Liverpool relay results

Teaspoon Gala

20th September 2009 Sheffield teasppon gala teaspoon results

North West Region youth Championship 2009

Tom and Alex had good enough times to swim in the North West Youth champs again. Tom got to the final for Breaststroke, and Alex picked up silvers and a bronze

Results for North West Region May 2009

Club Championships 2009

It was fantastic to see so many swimmers at the Club champs which made it an exciting events. Julia, our gala manager had done a brilliant job in organising the event which ran very smoothly thanks to all the willing helpers.

The results are here for you all to see:

Club swimmer rankings 3rd June 2009

According to age on day


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